Altinity Cloud Manager 24.2.25 Release Notes

Released 2024-04-03


  • Enabled integration with Prometheus and Loki, for example Grafana Cloud
  • Added an option to configure logs retention period for Anywhere clusters
  • Added a new workload page for Kafka consumers
  • The trial expiration is set to 14 days from the first user login
  • Added an option to export a cluster as CHI yaml manifest
  • Enabled cluster audit logs for envadmins


  • Import dataset feature is improved to work properly on replicated clusters
  • When restoring a cluster from a backup, source cluster node type and version is preselected now
  • Clusters list view is improved


  • Fixed a bug when new environment could not be created if user’s first or last name is not defined
  • Fixed a bug when envuser could not change Altinity Access for the cluster
  • Fixed Environment screen rendering for mobile devices
  • Fixed display of running queries and replication queue on heavy loaded servers
  • Fixed a bug when availability zones would be applied in the wrong order in rare cases
  • Fixed a bug when adding unsupported node type was silently ignored. Now error is returned
  • Fixed a bug when backup costs were not included to cost by day charts
  • Fixed a bug when node view could not be open on inactive/failed node
  • Fixed a bug when converting non-replicated to ReplicatedMergeTree table on a multi-node cluster could result in inconsistent data
  • Fixed a bug when errors could be ignored when running multi-statement queries in Explorer