Altinity Stable Builds RPM Install Guide

How to install the Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse on RPM based systems.

Installation Instructions: RPM packages

ClickHouse can be installed from the Altinity Stable builds, located at, or from the ClickHouse commuinity repository.

Depending on your Linux distribution, either dnf or yum will be used. See your particular distribution of Linux for specifics.

The instructions below uses the command $(type -p dnf || type -p yum) to provide the correct command based on the distribution to be used.

RPM Prerequisites

The following prerequisites must be installed before installing an Altinity Stable build:

  • curl
  • gnupg2

These can be installed prior to installing ClickHouse with the following:

sudo $(type -p dnf || type -p yum) install curl gnupg2

RPM Packages for Altinity Stable Build

To install ClickHouse from an Altinity Stable build via RPM based packages from the Altinity Stable build repository:

  1. Update the local RPM repository to include the Altinity Stable build repository with the following command:

    sudo curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/altinity.repo    
  2. Install ClickHouse server and client with either yum or dnf. It is recommended to specify a version to maximize compatibly with other applications and clients.

    1. To specify the version of ClickHouse to install, create a variable for the version and pass it to the installation instructions. The example below specifies the version
    sudo $(type -p dnf || type -p yum) install clickhouse-common-static-$version clickhouse-server-$version clickhouse-client-$version
    1. To install the most recent version of ClickHouse, leave off the version- command and variable:
    sudo $(type -p dnf || type -p yum) install clickhouse-common-static clickhouse-server clickhouse-client

Remove Community Package Repository

For users upgrading to Altinity Stable builds from the community ClickHouse builds, we recommend removing the community builds from the local repository. See the instructions for your distribution of Linux for instructions on modifying your local package repository.

RPM Downgrading Altinity ClickHouse Stable to a Previous Release

To downgrade to a previous release, the current version must be installed, and the previous version installed with the --setup=obsoletes=0 option. Review the Release Notes before downgrading for any considerations or issues that may occur when downgrading between versions of ClickHouse.

For more information, see the Altinity Knowledge Base article Altinity packaging compatibility greater than 21.x and earlier.

Community Builds

For instructions on how to install ClickHouse community, see the ClickHouse Documentation site.