Altinity Cloud Manager 23.3.26 Release Notes

Released 2023-05-17


  • Allow to modify gp3 volume throughput in Rescale
  • New ‘Mutations’ tab in Workflow
  • New ‘Crashes’ tab in DBA tools
  • Introduce cluster owner, allow to change owner
  • Set labels on S3/GCS backups
  • Configure logs location in environment settings for Anywhere environments
  • Delete of Anywhere environments
  • Added a support for custom image registries for Anywhere environments
  • Allow to test backup bucket access
  • Allow to pick up availability zones when starting a cluster


  • Changed default Altinity Access level to ‘System’
  • ALERTS popup has been improved
  • Improved ClickHouse version upgrade recommendations that were incorrect sometimes
  • system.session_log is enabled by default (it has been disabled in 22.8+ ClickHouse releases)
  • ZooKeeper configuration management has been changed. That allows re-scale w/o a downtime and also better HA
  • Allow to use IAM access for backup buckets
  • ZooKeeper node configuration is now re-created using Publish
  • Upgraded clickhouse-backup to 2.2.5. That fixes the concurrency issue and also allows to resume interrupted backup automatically.
  • Upgraded clickhouse-operator to 0.21.0. That eliminates some unneeded restarts, e.g. when changing log level.


  • Fixed a bug with ‘Copy Data between Clusters’ that could not copy some types of MergeTree tables
  • Fixed a bug where pressing MANAGE CLUSTERS in Environments List page did not navigate to cluster page properly
  • Fixed ‘Last Insert Timestamp’ that has been empty in some cases
  • Automatically enabled monitoring and backups for new Anywhere environments