Altinity Cloud Manager 24.3.30 Release Notes

Released 2024-05-28


  • New Audit Report functionality in DBA Tools
  • Secret references can be used for all server configuration settings now
  • Added list view for Nodes
  • Added tax configuration to the billing
  • When cluster is rescaled from 1 to more replicas, users are warned about existing non-replicated tables and suggested to convert those to replicated ones
  • Last Login column has been added to the Accounts view
  • Maintenance Window configuration is now available


  • Improved configuration of node types for Anywhere clusters
  • Improved performance of starting up clusters with a lot of data
  • Red icon is displayed if cluster is open to the public Internet
  • Backup infrastructure deployment has been improved to avoid unnecessary restarts. After this release no new restarts will be needed.
  • Backup and object storage for ClickHouse data is now displayed separately in usage details and invoices
  • When cluster is restored from a backup, node/storage/version is properly retrieved from a source cluster
  • Added extra checks when restoring a cluster from a backup to avoid incorrect restore
  • Enabled multiple include/exclude table/engine filters when restoring a cluster from a backup


  • Fixed the ClickHouse version inconsistency display during version upgrades
  • Fixed a bug with new Anywhere environments configuration that could be configured to incorrect Kuberentes namespace sometimes
  • Fixed a bug with Anywhere BYOC AWS setup did not prepopulate default node groups and storage classes
  • Fixed a bug when ClickHouse users could not be managed properly via UI in certain cases
  • Anywhere users can subscribe to alerts finally. It did not work before.
  • Several backup actions can not be executed in parallel for the same cluster anymore, since it could lead to errors
  • Fixed a bug when Publish on a stopped cluster unexpectedly resume it