Altinity Cloud Manager 23.6.37 Release Notes

Released 2023-10-24


  • Tiered storage support for EBS/PD volumes
  • Allow to free and remove disks in multi-volume configuration
  • Alert user is cluster is stopped for more than 30 days
  • New Monitoring role for Grafana access only
  • New Env Support role for accessing clusters without destructive actions
  • Access token for Anywhere API
  • Map Octa roles to ACM roles
  • Added Azure as a backup destination option
  • Added on screen notification when ClickHouseInstallation templates are used
  • Added on screen notification when cluster is connected to other cluster’s backup and a way to reset it
  • Added cluster lock feature to prevent accidental changes
  • Added an option to restore a table from the backup to a different database
  • Added alternate DNS names to Connection Details popup
  • Enabled storage of UDF metadata in ZooKeeper for ClickHouse 23.3 and above
  • Added ‘Enabled object labels’ option to backup settings
  • Added new ‘Setup Environment’ wizard
  • Added AWS Marketplace integration


  • Do not allow to start a cluster without CPU cores configured for a node type
  • Made a link ClickHouse release notes more visible
  • Clicking to Upgrade advisory icon now opens up an Upgrade screen
  • Success/Failure notifications are not sent to both user who started the process and cluster owner
  • Improved setting up BYOC Anywhere clusters UI


  • Fixed a bug when load balancer status for a node was not properly changed and displayed
  • Fixed a bug with KILL MUTATION that might not work in some cases
  • Fixed a bug when Kafka Connection wizard could trigger the cluster update
  • Fixed default ZooKeeper storage class
  • Fixed a Back button navigation from Nodes screen
  • Fixed a bug when launching cluster from a backup could use incorrect CPU/RAM requests