Integrating Superset with ClickHouse

How to connect Apache Superset with ClickHouse

Apache Superset is a powerful and convenient way to create dashboards to display information for your organization. This presents information that allows for quick visual understand of trends, where events are happening, and keeps your team on top of the massive amounts of data coming into your organization.

When combined with ClickHouse and its capacity to analyze terabytes of information in milliseconds, the integration of Superset and ClickHouse can reduce the sea of seemingly disconnected data flowing through into an understandable whole.

Integrating Superset with ClickHouse is broken down into three major steps:

  1. Install Superset.
  2. Connect Superset to ClickHouse.
  3. Connect Superset dashboard elements to ClickHouse queries.

Install Superset

Superset installation instructions

Connect Superset to ClickHouse

How to connect Superset to ClickHouse

Create Charts from ClickHouse Data

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