Cluster Access Point

How to view your Cluster’s access information.

ClickHouse clusters created in Altinity.Cloud can be accessed through the Access Point. The Access Point is configured by the name of your cluster and environment it is hosted in.

Information on the Access Point is displayed from the Clusters View. Clusters with TLS Enabled will display a green shield icon.

View Cluster Access Point

To view your cluster’s access point:

  1. From the Clusters View, select Access Point.
  2. The Access Point details will be displayed.
View the Access Point

Access Point Details

The Access Point module displays the following details:

  • Host: The dns host name of the cluster, based on the name of the cluster and environment the cluster is hosted in.

  • TCP Port: The ClickHouse TCP port for the cluster.

  • HTTP Point: The HTTP port used for the cluster.

  • Client Connections: The client connections are quick commands you can copy and paste into your terminal or use in your code. This make it a snap to have your code connecting to your cluster by copying the details right from your cluster’s Access Point. Provided client includes are:

    • clickhouse-client
    • jdbc
    • https
    • python