Account Creation and Login

How to set up your Altinity.Cloud account, and login to the service.

Create an Account

To start your Altinity.Cloud journey, the first thing you need is an account. New users can sign up for a test account on the Altinity.Cloud Test Drive page. Enter your contact information, and an Altinity.Cloud rep will get right with you.

Once finished, the Altinity.Cloud team will reach out to you with your login credentials. Altinity.Cloud uses your email address as your username, and you’ll be assigned an initial password.

Login to Altinity.Cloud

There are two methods to login:

Login with Username and Password

If you’ve used any web site, you’re likely familiar with this process.

To login to Altinity.Cloud with your username and password:

  1. Enter your username - in this case your email address - in the field marked Login.
  2. Enter your Password, then click Sign In.

Login with Auth0

Auth0 allows you to authenticate to Altinity.Cloud through a trusted authentication provider, in this case Google. Once set up, you can click Auth0 authenticate through your Google account.

  • Requirements: In order to use Auth0, you must have a Google account with the same email address that you use for Altinity.Cloud.

To setup authentication with Auth0 for the first time:

  1. Access the Altinity.Cloud page.
  2. Select Auth0.
  3. Select the Google account to use for authentication.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Google account must have the same email address as your Altinity.Cloud account.
  4. Select Continue with Google, and you’ll be in Altinity.Cloud.

After you’ve completed the Auth0 setup process, you can login to Altinity.Cloud by selecting Auth0 from the login page.

Last modified 2021.05.25: Superset Integration.