Bring your own Kubernetes (BYOK)

Using your Kubernetes infrastructure

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere uses your Kubernetes infrastructure to host your ClickHouse clusters. Your Kubernetes cluster needs to be set up a certain way; in this section we’ll go over those requirements.

Kubernetes requirements

Configuring your Kubernetes environment

Setting up EKS with Terraform for Altinity.Cloud

The easiest way to configure an EKS cluster

Connecting to Altinity.Cloud Anywhere

Tying everything together

Setting up logging

Configuring storage for logging

Setting up backups

Configuring storage for backups

Disconnecting from Altinity.Cloud Anywhere

Using ClickHouse without Altinity.Cloud Anywhere

Deleting Managed ClickHouse Environments in Kubernetes

Deleting your ClickHouse cluster

Appendix: Using Altinity.Cloud Anywhere with minikube

For testing and development use only