Managing billing for Altinity.Cloud.

Accounts with the role orgadmin are able to access the Billing page for their organizations. To access it, click on your account name in the upper right corner and select Billing from the menu:

Access Billing

From the billing page, the following Usage Summary and the Billing Summary are available for the environments connected to the account.

Billing page

Figure 1 - The Billing page

Usage Summary

The Usage Summary displays the following for the current period:

  • Current Spend: The value of charges for Altinity.Cloud services to this point in the current billing period.
  • Avg. Daily Spend: The average cost of Altinity.Cloud services per day.
  • Est. Monthly BIll: The total estimated cost for the current billing period. The estimate includes your costs so far (Current Spend) plus what your charges will be if your current level of usage continues until the end of the billing period.

You can also click the dropdown menus next to Usage for Period: and Environment: to look at historical usage data.

Billing Summary

The Billing Summary section displays the payment method, service address, and email address used for billing purposes.

There are four different payment methods:

Payment method dialog

Figure 2 - The Payment Method dialog

  • Payment against invoice (with prepayments): Prepay your charges and Altinity will invoice you against that prepayment.
  • Payment against invoice (monthly invoice): Altinity will invoice you for your charges each month.
  • Payment with Amazon Marketplace Account: Subscribe to Altinity.Cloud through the AWS Marketplace. Your Altinity charges are paid through your AWS account. (See the AWS Marketplace documentation for all the details.)
  • Payment by credit card: Enter your credit card, expiry date, and CVV number. Altinity will bill that card for your charges each month.