Configure Cluster Connections

Configure the connection protocols to your Altinity.Cloud cluster

Altinity.Cloud provides accounts the ability to customize their connections to their clusters. This allows organizations the ability to enable or disable:

  • The Binary Protocol: The native ClickHouse client secure port on port 9440.
  • The HTTP Protocol: The HTTPS protocol on port 8443.
  • IP Restrictions: Restricts ClickHouse client connections to the provided whitelist. The IP addresses must be listed in CIDR format. For example, ip_address1,ip_address2,etc.

As of this time, accounts can update the IP Restrictions section. Binary Protocol and HTTP Protocol are enabled by default and can not be disabled.

Update Connection Configuration

To update the cluster’s Connection Configuration:

  1. Log into Altinity.Cloud with an account.

  2. Select the cluster to update.

  3. From the top menu, select Configure->Connections.

    Select Configure->Connections for the cluster.
  4. To restrict IP communication only to a set of whitelisted IP addresses:

    1. Under IP Restrictions, select Enabled.

    2. Enter a list of IP addresses. These can be separated by comma, spaces, or a new line. The following examples are all equivalent:,
  5. When finished, select Confirm to save the Connection Configuration settings.

    Cluster Connection Configuration Settings