Altinity Stable Build Guide for ClickHouse

How to build ClickHouse from Altinity Stable manually.

Manual build process for Altinity Stable for ClickHouse

If you’d like to build Altinity Stable for ClickHouse yourself, cloning the repo and building the code is straightforward.

ClickHouse can run on the most minimum hardware to full clusters. The following hardware requirements are recommended for building and running ClickHouse:

  • 16GB of RAM (32 GB recommende)
  • Multiple cores (4+)
  • 20-50 GB disk storage

Clone the repo

To build Altinity Stable for ClickHouse, you’ll need to select a particular version. As of this writing the most recent verified version is v23.3.8.22.altinitystable, so that’s what we’ll build in our examples.

If you’d like to build some other version, there is a list of all supported versions in the repo. Simply replace the tag name of the most recent version with whatever other version you’d like to build.

As of this writing, the most recent verified version is v23.3.8.22.altinitystable. We use the --recursive option of the git clone command to make sure we get all of the code and its dependencies. The --single-branch option tells git not to download the main branch or anything else. The last wrinkle to the clone command is to put the files into the folder AltinityStableClickHouse:

git clone --recursive -b v23.3.8.22.altinitystable --single-branch AltinityStableClickHouse

With the code downloaded (this will take a while, btw), switch to the AltinityStableClickHouse directory.

Direct build instructions for Debian-based Linux

To build Altinity Stable for ClickHouse from the source code:

  1. Install the prerequisites.

    sudo apt-get install cmake python ninja-build clang-13
  2. With those packages installed, install clang-12.

    sudo apt install clang-12
  3. Make sure you’re in the AltinityStableClickHouse directory, then create and enter the build directory. this doesn’t work, there’s no cmakelists.txt file

    mkdir build && cd build
  1. Set the compile variables for clang-13 and start the ninja build.

    CC=clang-13 CXX=clang++-13 cmake .. -GNinja
  2. Use the ninja command to build your own Altinity Stable for ClickHouse:

    ninja clickhouse
  3. When the build is finished, Altinity Stable for ClickHouse will be in the programs folder, and can be run with the following commands:

    1. ClickHouse Server: clickhouse server
    2. ClickHouse Client: clickhouse client