Quick Start Guide

The minimal steps to get Altinity.Cloud running with your first cluster.

Welcome to Altinity.Cloud, the fastest, easiest way to set up, administer, and use ClickHouse. Your ClickHouse is fully managed, so you can focus on your work.

If this is your first time using Altinity.Cloud, this quick start guide will give you the minimum steps to become familiar with the system. When you’re ready to dig deeper and use the full power of ClickHouse in your Altinity.Cloud environment, check out our User Guide and Administrator Guide for in-depth knowledge and best practices.

Account Creation and Login

Setting up your Altinity.Cloud account and logging in to the service

Altinity Cloud Manager Introduction

Using the Altinity Cloud Manager (ACM) to manage your ClickHouse clusters

Launch Cluster Wizard

Creating a ClickHouse cluster in a few easy steps

The Cluster Explorer

Using the Cluster Explorer to select a cluster and run SQL queries