Altinity Cloud Manager 23.2.33 Release Notes

Released 2023-04-11


  • Backup configuration is now available on a cluster level. Different clusters may have different backup settings.
  • New volume performance guidelines when starting a cluster
  • Now user is alerted it profile setting is used instead of a server setting
  • New resource limit for total number of nodes
  • Allow to exclude individual node from a load balancer
  • Users can add custom Grafana dashboards
  • Support alternate cluster names
  • New Altinity Support role (available for Altinity staff only)
  • Discounts management (available for Altinity staff only)


  • SHARE button has been renamed to INVITE
  • Rescale screen shows storage units now
  • “Kafka Connection Check” has been moved to the cluster page. It can not insert Kafka configuration directly to the cluster
  • Notifications include FQDN for cluster names now
  • Improvements to Environment dashboard
  • If environment backup settings are changed those are applied automatically to clusters now
  • More DataDog regions are available now


  • Fixed “Copy Data between Clusters” for Anywhere environments with custom node taints
  • Fixed a bug when Node View was not available for offline nodes
  • Rebalance is available back for envadmins