Bring your own cloud (BYOC)

Configuring your cloud account

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere can use your cloud account to provision cloud resources to host your ClickHouse clusters. Your cloud account needs to have certain permissions and other properties; in this section we’ll go over those requirements.


Altinity.Cloud Anywhere operates inside a user’s Kubernetes environment.

Altinity technical support can remotely provision Kubernetes clusters for an Altinity.Cloud Anywhere environment inside your AWS or GCP account. Instructions in this section describe how to configure your Amazon EKS or Google GKE clusters to authorize Altinity.Cloud to provision ClickHouse to your Kubernetes environment.

Figure 1 is a high-level view of the Altinity.Cloud Kubernetes infrastructure.

Figure 1 - Altinity.Cloud Kubernetes architecture, using Altinity Cloud Manager.

Platform-specific requirements are discussed in the following sections.

AWS remote provisioning

GCP remote provisioning

Configuring your GCP account

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