Basic Installation Guide

The simple method of installing the Altinity Kubernetes Operator


The Altinity Kubernetes Operator for Kubernetes has the following requirements:


To install the Altinity Kubernetes Operator for Kubernetes:

  1. Deploy the Altinity Kubernetes Operator from the manifest directly from GitHub. It is recommended that the version be specified during installation - this insures maximum compatibility and that all replicated environments are working from the same version. For more information on installing other versions of the Altinity Kubernetes Operator, see the specific Version Installation Guide.

    The most current version is 0.18.3:

kubectl apply -f
  1. The following will be displayed on a successful installation. For more information on the resources created in the installation, see [Altinity Kubernetes Operator Resources]({<ref “operatorresources” >}) created created created
serviceaccount/clickhouse-operator created created created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-confd-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-configd-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-templatesd-files created
configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-usersd-files created
deployment.apps/clickhouse-operator created
service/clickhouse-operator-metrics created
  1. Verify the installation by running:
kubectl get pods --namespace kube-system

The following will be displayed on a successful installation, with your particular image:

NAME                                   READY   STATUS    RESTARTS      AGE
clickhouse-operator-857c69ffc6-ttnsj   2/2     Running   0             4s
coredns-78fcd69978-nthp2               1/1     Running   4 (23h ago)   51d
etcd-minikube                          1/1     Running   4 (23h ago)   51d
kube-apiserver-minikube                1/1     Running   4 (23h ago)   51d
kube-controller-manager-minikube       1/1     Running   4 (23h ago)   51d
kube-proxy-lsggn                       1/1     Running   4 (23h ago)   51d
kube-scheduler-minikube                1/1     Running   4 (23h ago)   51d
storage-provisioner                    1/1     Running   9 (23h ago)   51d