Altinity Cloud Manager 23.4.36 Release Notes

Released 2023-07-25


  • Access change reason to Altinity Access
  • Startup time option for slow starting clusters
  • Storage management for supporting multiple volumes in a more flexible way
  • Management of auto templates for Anywhere environments
  • History of cluster setting is now preserved, and it allows to rollback
  • Stop button when rebalancing disks


  • Added DataDog and Loki logs configuration on the separate Environment tag
  • ‘default_replica_path’ now includes uuid
  • Upgrade version recommendations have been improved
  • Access Management is enabled for ‘admin’ user by default in new clusters
  • Cost estimates for are more accurate now
  • Workload->Mutations has been improved
  • clickhouse-backup has been upgraded to 2.2.8
  • It is now possible to change ZooKeeper node type for running clusters
  • Improvements to Node Type configuration
  • Allow IAM role access to the backup bucket instead of credentials


  • Fixed node storage % incorrect display in some cases
  • Fixed hint for Clone Database
  • Fixed datadog deployment in Anywhere environment
  • Fixed Anywhere environment setup when EKS cluster is provisioned by Altinity