Altinity Backup for ClickHouse™ 1.4.0


  • add S3_ALLOW_MULTIPART_DOWNLOAD to config, to improve download speed, fix 431. add support backup/restore user defined functions, fix 420.
  • add clickhouse_backup_number_backups_remote, clickhouse_backup_number_backups_local, clickhouse_backup_number_backups_remote_expected,clickhouse_backup_number_backups_local_expected prometheus metric, fix 437.
  • add ability to apply system.macros values to path field in all types of remote_storage, fix 438.
  • use all disks for upload and download for mutli-disk volumes in parallel when upload_by_part: true fix 400.


  • fix wrong warning for .gz, .bz2, .br archive extensions during download, fix 441.

Download at:

Last modified 2022.06.14: release notes and updats.