Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 23.3.13 Release Notes

Changes compared to upstream's v23.3.13.6-lts

ARM support

Packages (.deb, .rpm, or .tgz) and container images are now available for the AARCH64 (ARM64) architecture.

Bug fixes

Performance improvements


Build/Testing/Packaging Improvements

  • Bring back DNS tests (ClickHouse#53286 - @arthurpassos via #296)
  • Made builds and tests possible in Altinity’s infrastructure
  • Support of Aarch64 builds (#311)
    • building Aarch64 binaries
    • multi-arch docker containers (Amd64, Aarch64)
    • running stateles, stateful tests against Aarch64
    • running clickhouse-regression tests against Aarch64

Build Report

You can see the results of the build in the complete build report.

Upstream changes between v23.3.8.21-lts (1675f2264f3) and v23.3.13.6-lts (25635e27551)

Performance Improvements

  • Backported in #52213: Do not store blocks in ANY hash join if nothing is inserted. #48633 (vdimir).
  • Backported in #52826: Fixed incorrect projection analysis which invalidates primary keys. This issue only exists when query_plan_optimize_primary_key = 1, query_plan_optimize_projection = 1 . This fixes #48823, #51173, and #52308 (Amos Bird).

Build/Testing/Packaging Improvements

Bug Fixes (user-visible misbehavior in an official stable release)



Available for both AMD64 and Aarch64 from as either .deb, .rpm, or .tgz

Docker images

Available for both AMD64 and Aarch64: altinity/clickhouse-server/

ClickHouse release notes

Interim release notes are also available: