Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 22.8.20 Release Notes

Changes Compared to Upstream v22.8.20.11-lts

Bug fix

  • Don’t execute and/or/if/multiIf on LowCardinality dictionary (#44469 via #283)
  • Fix Block structure mismatch in Pipe::unitePipes for FINAL (#51492 via #278)
  • Arrow wouldn’t abort process in case of error in input file (#45478 by @Avogar via #242)
  • Fix nullptr dereference in DB::VolumeJBOD::reserve (#41483 - via #241)
  • Fix base58Encode / base58Decode handling leading 0 / ‘1’ (#40620 by @zvonand via #224)
  • Flatten list type arrow chunks on parsing (#43297 via #209)



  • Fixed CVEs in the clickhouse-diagnostics utility

Changes in upstream from v22.8.15.23-lts to v22.8.20.11-lts

Bug Fix (user-visible misbehavior in an official stable release)

Performance Improvement


  • Backported in #48157: Fixed UNKNOWN_TABLE exception when attaching to a materialized view that has dependent tables that are not available. This might be useful when trying to restore state from a backup. #47975 (MikhailBurdukov).