Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 22.8.15 Release Notes

Changes Compared to Upstream v22.8.15.23-lts

Bug fix

  • Fix base58Encode / base58Decode handling leading 0 / ‘1’ (#40620 by @zvonand via #224)
  • Arrow wouldn’t abort process in case of error in input file (#45478 by @Avogar via #242)



  • Fixed CVEs in the clickhouse-diagnostics utility

Changes in upstream from v22.8.13.20-lts to v22.8.15.23-lts

Performance Improvement

  • Backported in #45845: Fixed performance of short SELECT queries that read from tables with large number ofArray/Map/Nested columns. #45630 (Anton Popov).
  • Backported in #46374: Fix too big memory usage for vertical merges on non-remote disk. Respect max_insert_delayed_streams_for_parallel_write for the remote disk. #46275 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Backported in #46358: Allow using Vertical merge algorithm with parts in Compact format. This will allow ClickHouse server to use much less memory for background operations. This closes #46084. #46282 (Anton Popov).

Build/Testing/Packaging Improvement


  • Backported in #46981: Apply ALTER TABLE table_name ON CLUSTER cluster MOVE PARTITION|PART partition_expr TO DISK|VOLUME 'disk_name' to all replicas. Because ALTER TABLE t MOVE is not replicated. #46402 (lizhuoyu5).

Bug Fix

  • Backported in #45908: Fixed bug with non-parsable default value for EPHEMERAL column in table metadata. #44026 (Yakov Olkhovskiy).
  • Backported in #46238: A couple of seg faults have been reported around c-ares. #45629 (Arthur Passos).
  • Backported in #45727: Fix key description when encountering duplicate primary keys. This can happen in projections. See #45590 for details. #45686 (Amos Bird).
  • Backported in #46394: Fix SYSTEM UNFREEZE queries failing with the exception CANNOT_PARSE_INPUT_ASSERTION_FAILED. #46325 (Aleksei Filatov).
  • Backported in #46442: Fix possible LOGICAL_ERROR in asynchronous inserts with invalid data sent in format VALUES. #46350 (Anton Popov).
  • Backported in #46674: Fix an invalid processing of constant LowCardinality argument in function arrayMap. This bug could lead to a segfault in release, and logical error Bad cast in debug build. #46569 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Backported in #46879: Fix MSan report in the maxIntersections function. This closes #43126. #46847 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Backported in #46871: Fix a bug in the Map data type. This closes #46855. #46856 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Backported in #47336: Sometimes after changing a role that could be not reflected on the access rights of a user who uses that role. This PR fixes that. #46772 (Vitaly Baranov).
  • Backported in #46901: Fix incorrect alias recursion in QueryNormalizer. #46609 (Raúl Marín).
  • Backported in #47156: Fix arithmetic operations in aggregate optimization with min and max. #46705 (Duc Canh Le).
  • Backported in #46987: Fix result of LIKE predicates which translate to substring searches and contain quoted non-LIKE metacharacters. #46875 (Robert Schulze).
  • Backported in #47357: Fix possible deadlock on distributed query cancellation. #47161 (Kruglov Pavel).