Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 22.3.15 Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable Build 22.3.15

Release Notes

Based on upstream/v22.3.15.33-lts

Changes Compared to Community Build v22.3.15.33-lts

Bug fix

  • Fix for exponential time decaying window functions. Now respecting boundaries of the window. #36944 by @excitoon
  • Fixes for objects removal in S3ObjectStorage #37882 by @excitoon
  • Fixed Unknown identifier (aggregate-function) exception #39762 by @quickhouse
  • Fixed point of origin for exponential decay window functions #39593 by @quickhouse
  • Fix unused unknown columns introduced by WITH statement #39131 by @amosbird
  • Fix memory leak while pushing to MVs w/o query context (from Kafka/…) by @azat
  • Fix ArrowColumn dictionary conversion to LowCardinality strings. #40037 by #arthurpassos


  • Optimized processing of ORDER BY in window functions #34632 by @excitoon
  • Support batch_delete capability for GCS #37659 by @frew
  • Add support for extended (chunked) arrays for Parquet format. #40485 by @arthurpassos

Changes in upstream from v22.3.12.19-lts to v22.3.15.33-lts

New Feature


Bug fix

  • Fixed primary key analysis with conditions involving toString(enum). #43596 (Nikita Taranov).
  • Fixed queries with SAMPLE BY with prewhere optimization on tables using Merge engine. #43315 (Antonio Andelic).
  • This closes #42453. #42573 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Choose correct aggregation method for LowCardinality with BigInt. #42342 (Duc Canh Le).
  • Fix a bug with projections and the aggregate_functions_null_for_empty setting. This bug is very rare and appears only if you enable the aggregate_functions_null_for_empty setting in the server’s config. This closes #41647. #42198 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Fix possible crash in SELECT from Merge table with enabled optimize_monotonous_functions_in_order_by setting. Fixes #41269. #41740 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Fix possible pipeline stuck exception for queries with OFFSET. The error was found with enable_optimize_predicate_expression = 0 and always false condition in WHERE. Fixes #41383. #41588 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Writing data in Apache ORC format might lead to a buffer overrun. #41458 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • The aggregate function categorialInformationValue was having incorrectly defined properties, which might cause a null pointer dereferencing at runtime. This closes #41443. #41449 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Malicious data in Native format might cause a crash. #41441 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Add column type check before UUID insertion in MsgPack format. #41309 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Queries with OFFSET clause in subquery and WHERE clause in outer query might return incorrect result, it’s fixed. Fixes #40416. #41280 (Alexander Tokmakov).
  • Fix possible segfaults, use-heap-after-free and memory leak in aggregate function combinators. Closes #40848. #41083 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Fix memory leak while pushing to MVs w/o query context (from Kafka/…). #40732 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fix potential dataloss due to a bug in AWS SDK ( Bug can be triggered only when clickhouse is used over S3. #40506 (alesapin).
  • Proxy resolver stop on first successful request to endpoint. #40353 (Maksim Kita).
  • Fix rare bug with column TTL for MergeTree engines family: In case of repeated vertical merge the error Cannot unlink file ColumnName.bin ... No such file or directory. could happen. #40346 (alesapin).
  • Fix potential deadlock in WriteBufferFromS3 during task scheduling failure. #40070 (Maksim Kita).
  • Update simdjson. This fixes #38621. #38838 (Alexey Milovidov).
  • Fix cast lowcard of nullable in JoinSwitcher, close #37385. #37453 (Vladimir C).

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