Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 22.3.12 Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable Build 22.3.12

Release Notes

Based on upstream/v22.3.12.19-lts

Changes Compared to Community Build v22.3.12.19-lts

Bug fix

  • Fix for exponential time decaying window functions. Now respecting boundaries of the window #36944 by @excitoon (via #164)
  • Fixes for objects removal in S3ObjectStorage #37882 by @excitoon (via #164)
  • Fixed Unknown identifier (aggregate-function) exception #39762 by @quickhouse (via #189)
  • Fixed point of origin for exponential decay window functions #39593 by @quickhouse (via #190)
  • Fix unused unknown columns introduced by WITH statement #39131 by @amosbird
  • Fix memory leak while pushing to MVs w/o query context (from Kafka/…) by @azat


  • Optimized processing of ORDER BY in window functions #34632 by @excitoon (via #164)
  • Support batch_delete capability for GCS #37659 by @frew (via #164)
  • Add support for extended (chunked) arrays for Parquet format #40485 by @arthurpassos

Build/Testing/Packaging Improvement

  • Build/Testing/Packaging Improvement: Allow Github workflows to run on Altinity’s infrastructure

Changes in upstream from v22.3.10.22-lts to v22.3.12.19-lts

Bug fix

  • Fix clickhouse-server #40681 by @Felixoid.
  • fix heap buffer overflow by limiting http chunk size. #40292 by @CheSema.
  • Fix possible segfault in CapnProto input format’. #40241 by @Avogar.
  • Fix insufficient argument check for encryption functions’. #40194 by @alexey-milovidov.
  • Fix HashMethodOneNumber with const column. #40020 by @canhld94.
  • Fix seeking while reading from encrypted disk. #39687 by @vitlibar.
  • Fix number of threads for pushing to views’. #39253 by @azat.


  • collectFilesToSkip() in MutateTask now supports new index file extension .idx2 for MinMax. #40122 by @robot-ch-test-poll2.
  • Clean out clickhouse-server.service from /etc. #39323 by @Felixoid.

Full list of changes

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