Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 21.8.13 Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable Build 21.8.13

Release Notes

ClickHouse release v21.8.13.1-altinitystable as compared to v21.8.12.29-altinitystable:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Apache Avro Union type index out of boundary issue in Apache Avro binary format. #33022 (Harry Lee).

  • Quota limit was not reached, but the limit was exceeded. This PR fixes #31174. #31656 (sunny).

  • NO CL ENTRY: ‘fix json error after downgrade’. #33166 (bullet1337).

  • Integer overflow to resize the arrays causes heap corrupt. #33024 (varadarajkumar).

  • fix crash when used fuzzBits with multiply same FixedString, Close #32737. #32755 (SuperDJY).

  • Fix possible exception at RabbitMQ storage startup by delaying channel creation. #32584 (Kseniia Sumarokova).

  • Fixed crash with SIGFPE in aggregate function avgWeighted with Decimal argument. Fixes #32053. #32303 (tavplubix).

  • Some replication queue entries might hang for temporary_directories_lifetime (1 day by default) with Directory tmp_merge_<part_name> or Part ... (state Deleting) already exists, but it will be deleted soon or similar error. It’s fixed. Fixes #29616. #32201 (tavplubix).

  • XML dictionaries identifiers, used in table create query, can be qualified to default_database during upgrade to newer version. Closes #31963. #32187 (Maksim Kita).

  • Number of active replicas might be determined incorrectly when inserting with quorum if setting replicated_can_become_leader is disabled on some replicas. It’s fixed. #32157 (tavplubix).

  • Fixed Directory ... already exists and is not empty error when detaching part. #32063 (tavplubix).

  • Some GET_PART entry might hang in replication queue if part is lost on all replicas and there are no other parts in the same partition. It’s fixed in cases when partition key contains only columns of integer types or Date[Time]. Fixes #31485. #31887 (tavplubix).

  • Change configuration path from keeper_server.session_timeout_ms to keeper_server.coordination_settings.session_timeout_ms when constructing a KeeperTCPHandler - Same with operation_timeout. #31859 (JackyWoo).

  • Fix a bug about function transform with decimal args. #31839 (李帅).

  • Fix crash when function dictGet with type is used for dictionary attribute when type is Nullable. Fixes #30980. #31800 (Maksim Kita).

  • Fix crash with empty result on odbc query. Closes #31465. #31766 (Kseniia Sumarokova).

  • Fix possible crash (or incorrect result) in case of LowCardinality arguments of window function. Fixes #31114. #31888 (Nikolai Kochetov).

Changes compared to the Community Build

  • Fix invalid cast of Nullable type when nullable primary key is used. (Nullable primary key is a discouraged feature - please do not use). This fixes #31075 #31823 Amos Bird).

Test Reports

Test Report for Altinity Stable Build v21.8.13.1.