Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 21.8.12 Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable Build 21.8.12

Release Notes

ClickHouse release v21.8.12.29-altinitystable as compared to v21.8.11.1-altinitystable:

Performance Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Quota limit was not reached, but the limit was exceeded. This PR fixes #31174. #31337 (sunny).

Build/Testing/Packaging Improvements

  • Now all images for CI will be placed in the separate dockerhub repo. #28656 (alesapin).

Bug Fixes (user-visible misbehaviour in official stable or prestable release)

  • Fixed functions empty and notEmpty with the arguments of UUID type. Fixes #31819. #31883 (Anton Popov).
  • Fixed possible assertion ../src/IO/ReadBuffer.h:58: bool DB::ReadBuffer::next(): Assertion '!hasPendingData()' failed. in TSKV format. #31804 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Fixed usage of Buffer table engine with type Map. Fixes #30546. #31742 (Anton Popov).
  • Fixed race in JSONEachRowWithProgress output format when data and lines with progress are mixed in output. #31736 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Fixed there are no such cluster here error on execution of ON CLUSTER query if specified cluster name is name of Replicated database. #31723 (tavplubix).
  • Settings input_format_allow_errors_num and input_format_allow_errors_ratio did not work for parsing of domain types, such as IPv4, it’s fixed. Fixes #31686. #31697 (tavplubix).
  • RENAME TABLE query worked incorrectly on attempt to rename an DDL dictionary in Ordinary database, it’s fixed. #31638 (tavplubix).
  • Fix invalid generated JSON when only column names contain invalid UTF-8 sequences. #31534 (Kevin Michel).
  • Resolve nullptr in STS credentials provider for S3. #31409 (Vladimir Chebotarev).
  • Remove not like function into RPNElement. #31169 (sundyli).
  • Fixed bug in Keeper which can lead to inability to start when some coordination logs was lost and we have more fresh snapshot than our latest log. #31150 (alesapin).
  • Fixed abort in debug server and DB::Exception: std::out_of_range: basic_string error in release server in case of bad hdfs url by adding additional check of hdfs url structure. #31042 (Kruglov Pavel).