Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 21.8.11 Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable 21.8.11

ClickHouse release v21.8.11.1-altinitystable FIXME as compared to v21.8.10.1-altinitystable

New Features

  • CompiledExpressionCache limit elements size using compiled_expression_cache_elements_size setting. #30667 (Maksim Kita).


Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes (user-visible misbehaviour in official stable or prestable release)

  • Fixed StorageMerge with aliases and where (it did not work before at all). Closes #28802. #31044 (Kseniia Sumarokova).
  • Fixed JSONValue/Query with quoted identifiers. This allows to have spaces in json path. Closes #30971. #31003 (Kseniia Sumarokova).
  • Using formatRow function with not row formats led to segfault. Don’t allow to use this function with such formats (because it doesn’t make sense). #31001 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Skip max_partition_size_to_drop check in case of ATTACH PARTITION ... FROM and MOVE PARTITION ... #30995 (Amr Alaa).
  • Fixed set index not used in AND/OR expressions when there are more than two operands. This fixes #30416 . #30887 (Amos Bird).
  • Fixed ambiguity when extracting auxiliary ZooKeeper name from ZooKeeper path in ReplicatedMergeTree. Previously server might fail to start with Unknown auxiliary ZooKeeper name if ZooKeeper path contains a colon. Fixes #29052. Also it was allowed to specify ZooKeeper path that does not start with slash, but now it’s deprecated and creation of new tables with such path is not allowed. Slashes and colons in auxiliary ZooKeeper names are not allowed too. #30822 (tavplubix).
  • Fixed a race condition between REPLACE/MOVE PARTITION and background merge in non-replicated MergeTree that might cause a part of moved/replaced data to remain in partition. Fixes #29327. #30717 (tavplubix).
  • Fixed PREWHERE with WHERE in case of always true PREWHERE. #30668 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Functions for case-insensitive search in UTF8 strings like positionCaseInsensitiveUTF8 and countSubstringsCaseInsensitiveUTF8 might find substrings that actually does not match is fixed. #30663 (tavplubix).
  • Limit push down optimization could cause a error Cannot find column. Fixes #30438. #30562 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Fixed exception handling in parallel_view_processing. This resolves issues / prevents crashes in some rare corner cases when that feature is enabled and exception (like Memory limit exceeded ...) happened in the middle of materialized view processing. #30472 (filimonov).
  • Fixed segfault which might happen if session expired during execution of REPLACE PARTITION. #30432 (tavplubix).
  • Fixed ComplexKeyHashedDictionary, ComplexKeySparseHashedDictionary parsing preallocate option from layout config. #30246 (Maksim Kita).
  • Fixed [I]LIKE function. Closes #28661. #30244 (Nikolay Degterinsky).
  • Support nullable arguments in function initializeAggregation. #30177 (Anton Popov).
  • Fixed data-race between LogSink::writeMarks() and LogSource in StorageLog. #29946 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fixed hanging DDL queries on Replicated database while adding a new replica. #29328 (Kevin Michel).
  • Fixed bad optimizations of ORDER BY if it contains WITH FILL. This closes #28908. This closes #26049. #28910 (alexey-milovidov).
  • Fixed queries to external databases (i.e. MySQL) with multiple columns in IN ( i.e. (k,v) IN ((1, 2)) ) (but note that this has some backward incompatibility for the clickhouse-copier since it uses alias for tuple element). #28888 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fixed “Column is not under aggregate function and not in GROUP BY” with PREWHERE (Fixes: #28461). #28502 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fixed NOT-IN index optimization when not all key columns are used. This fixes #28120. #28315 (Amos Bird).

Bug Fixes (user-visible misbehaviour in official stable or prestable release

  • Fixed ORDER BY ... WITH FILL with set TO and FROM and no rows in result set. #30888 (Anton Popov).