Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 21.8.15 Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable Build 21.8.15

Release Notes

Based on upstream/v21.8.15.7-lts.

ClickHouse release v21.8.15.7-altinitystable as compared to community ClickHouse v21.8.15.7:

Changes compared to the Community Build

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with merging configs that have and root XML tags. (backport of ClickHouse@213ecae) (via #114).
  • Bug Fix: Backport of ClickHouse#31823 to 21.8: Fix invalid cast of nullable type when nullable primary key is used (via #110)


  • Build/Testing/Packaging Improvement: Various macOS compilation and packaging fixes/backporting (via #108)
  • Build/Testing/Packaging Improvement: Minor test improvements (via afb4a0a, 4c35386)

Changes compared to Altinity Stable

Bug Fixes

Test Results