Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable Build

Changes Compared to Altinity Stable Build

Bug Fixes

  • Integer overflow to resize the arrays causes heap corrupt. #33024 (Rajkumar Varada).
  • fix crash when used fuzzBits with multiply same FixedString, Close #32737. #32755 (SuperDJY).
  • Number of active replicas might be determined incorrectly when inserting with quorum if setting replicated_can_become_leader is disabled on some replicas. It’s fixed. #32157 (tavplubix).
  • Fix possible assertion ../src/IO/ReadBuffer.h:58: bool DB::ReadBuffer::next(): Assertion '!hasPendingData()' failed. in TSKV format. #31804 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Fix crash when function dictGet with type is used for dictionary attribute when type is Nullable. Fixes #30980. #31800 (Maksim Kita).
  • Fix usage of Buffer table engine with type Map. Fixes #30546. #31742 (Anton Popov).
  • Fix race in JSONEachRowWithProgress output format when data and lines with progress are mixed in output. #31736 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Settings input_format_allow_errors_num and input_format_allow_errors_ratio did not work for parsing of domain types, such as IPv4, it’s fixed. Fixes #31686. #31697 (tavplubix).
  • Remove not like function into RPNElement. #31169 (sundyli).
  • Using formatRow function with not row formats led to segfault. Don’t allow to use this function with such formats (because it doesn’t make sense). #31001 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Functions for case-insensitive search in UTF8 strings like positionCaseInsensitiveUTF8 and countSubstringsCaseInsensitiveUTF8 might find substrings that actually does not match, it’s fixed. #30663 (tavplubix).
  • Fixed segfault which might happen if session expired during execution of REPLACE PARTITION. #30432 (tavplubix).
  • Fix [I]LIKE function. Closes #28661. #30244 (Nikolay Degterinsky).
  • FlatDictionary, HashedDictionary fix bytes_allocated calculation for nullable attributes. #30238 (Maksim Kita).
  • Support nullable arguments in function initializeAggregation. #30177 (Anton Popov).
  • Fix crash of sample by tuple(), closes #30004. #30016 (flynn).
  • Fix concurrent access to LowCardinality during GROUP BY (leads to SIGSEGV). #29782 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Condition in filter predicate could be lost after push-down optimisation. #29625 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Fix null deference for GROUP BY WITH TOTALS HAVING (when the column from HAVING wasn’t selected). #29553 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fix connection timeouts (send_timeout/receive_timeout). #29282 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fix possible Table columns structure in ZooKeeper is different from local table structure exception while recreating or creating new replicas of ReplicatedMergeTree, when one of table columns have default expressions with case-insensitive functions. #29266 (Anton Popov).
  • Fix segfault while inserting into column with type LowCardinality(Nullable) in Avro input format. #29132 (Kruglov Pavel).
  • Fix the number of threads used in GLOBAL IN subquery (it was executed in single threads since #19414 bugfix). #28997 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Fix invalid constant type conversion when nullable or lowcardinality primary key is used. #28636 (Amos Bird).
  • Fix ORDER BY ... WITH FILL with set TO and FROM and no rows in result set. #30888 (Anton Popov).
  • Fixed Apache Avro Union type index out of boundary issue in Apache Avro binary format. #33022 (Harry Lee).
  • Fix null pointer dereference in low cardinality data when deserializing LowCardinality data in the Native format. #33021 (Harry Lee).
  • Quota limit was not reached, but the limit was exceeded. This PR fixes #31174. #31656 (sunny).
  • Quota limit was not reached, but the limit was exceeded. This PR fixes #31174. #31337 (sunny).
  • Fix shutdown of AccessControlManager. Now there can’t be reloading of the configuration after AccessControlManager has been destroyed. This PR fixes the flaky test test_user_directories/ #29951 (Vitaly Baranov).

Performance Improvements

Other Improvements

  • Updated zoneinfo files to 2021c. #29925 (alexey-milovidov).
  • Use real tmp file instead of predefined “rows_sources” for vertical merges. This avoids generating garbage directories in tmp disks. #28299 (Amos Bird).
  • Use separate clickhouse-bridge group and user for bridge processes. Set oom_score_adj so the bridges will be first subjects for OOM killer. Set set maximum RSS to 1 GiB. Closes #23861. #25280 (Kseniia Sumarokova).

Changes compared to Community Build

Test Results