Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse Release Notes

Details of the Altinity Stable Build

Changes between and

The complete diff between Altinity and community versions can also be viewed at github:…Altinity:v21.1.10.3-altinity+stable

Changes between ClickHouse Altinity Stable Release and ClickHouse Altinity Stable Release

  • Fixed a bug with distributed queries that could sometimes fail with ‘Unknown packet n from server’ error message:

  • Fixed several issues with mutations handling (e.g.

  • Fix a rare bug when quorum insert with iinsert_quorum_parallel=1 is not really a “quorum” because of deduplication

  • Fixed a possible buffer overflow in token bloom filter index:

  • Fixed a bug when nullable types sometimes could not be retrieved:

  • Fixed a bug with replicated tables metadata not properly cleaned from the non-primary ZooKeeper instance:

  • Added parseDateTimeBestEffortOrZero to allow for empty values, while parseDateTimeBestEffort will not work with empty values. For example:

    SELECT parseDateTimeBestEffort('')
    Query id: 1c60717e-116b-445f-b675-7b9cac35c262
    0 rows in set. Elapsed: 0.003 sec.
    Received exception from server (version 21.11.1):
    Code: 41. DB::Exception: Received from localhost:9000. DB::Exception: Cannot read DateTime: neither Date nor Time was parsed successfully: While processing parseDateTimeBestEffort(''). (CANNOT_PARSE_DATETIME)
    SELECT parseDateTimeBestEffortOrZero('')
    Query id: 484baec9-6d00-4c66-a792-85a270d6f2f2
                   1970-01-01 03:00:00 

ClickHouse Altinity Stable packages for this release can be found at: