Altinity Stable Release for ClickHouse

Details of the Altinity Stable Release


This is a combined release of, upgraded to after review.

Major New Features

enable_scalar_subquery_optimization setting is disabled by default. It is required in order to perform rolling upgrades to 20.x versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with non-Date/DateTime columns not being allowed in TTL expressions
  • Fixed a bug in the Kafka engine that sometimes prevented committing a message back to the broker if the broker was temporarily unavailable
  • Fixed a bug in which the boolean functions ‘or’ and ‘and’ might return incorrect results when called on more than 10 arguments if some of them are NULL
  • Fixed server side certificates in docker image
  • Fixed a possible race condition between insert quorum and drop partition
  • Volume selection in merge process could move data back to the first volume in storage policy in some cases
  • Mutations that did not work if insert_quorum has been used for the table
  • Deduplication logic that ignored dependent materialized views if a duplicate for the main table has been detected. The fix is turned off by default and can be enabled with a new deduplicate_blocks_in_dependent_materialized_views setting.
  • Kafka engine could result in data losses when ZooKeeper is temporarily not available
  • Kafka engine did not allow users to drop a table with incorrect Kafka topic
  • Kafka engine did not allow users to use subqueries in attached materialized views
  • ALTER TABLE MODIFY CODEC default expression and a codec are specified