Altinity Stable Release for ClickHouse 18.14.19

Details of the Altinity Stable Release 18.14.19


Altinity Stable Release 18.14.19 is a minor bug-fixing release to the previous 18.14.15. ClickHouse memory consumption in general is decreased with this release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with range_hashed dictionaries returning wrong results.
  • Fixed an error that caused messages “netlink: ‘…’: attribute type 1 has an invalid length” to be printed in Linux kernel log in some recent versions of Linux kernel.
  • Fixed segfault in function ’empty’ for FixedString arguments.
  • Fixed excessive memory allocation when using a large value of max_query_size.
  • Fixed cases when the ODBC bridge process did not terminate with the main server process.
  • Fixed synchronous insertion into the Distributed table with a columns list that differs from the column list of the remote table.
  • Fixed a rare race condition that could lead to a crash when dropping a MergeTree table.
  • Fixed a query deadlock in a case when query thread creation fails with the ‘Resource temporarily unavailable’ error.
  • Fixed parsing of the ENGINE clause when the CREATE AS table syntax was used and the ENGINE clause was specified before the AS table (the error resulted in ignoring the specified engine).
  • Fixed a segfault if the ‘max_temporary_non_const_columns’ limit was exceeded
  • Fixed a bug with databases being not correctly specified when executing DDL ON CLUSTER queries