Altinity Kubernetes Operator 0.21.1 Release Notes

clickhouse-operator 0.21.1 Release Notes


    # Max number of concurrent CHI reconciles in progress
    reconcileCHIsThreadsNumber: 10
    # Max number of concurrent shard reconciles in progress
    reconcileShardsThreadsNumber: 1
    # The maximum percentage of cluster shards that may be reconciled in parallel
    reconcileShardsMaxConcurrencyPercent: 50
  • Added default configuration for ClickHouse system.trace_log table with 30 days TTL


  • ZooKeeper manifests were rewritten to store configuration separately


  • Fixed a bug in metrics-exporter that might stop working on ClickHouse nodes with certain types of system.errors. Closes #1161
  • Fixed a bug with ClickHouse major version detection for Altinity.Stable builds

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