Altinity Kubernetes Operator 0.21.0 Release Notes

clickhouse-operator 0.21.0 Release Notes

What’s Changed

  • Changed the way Operator applies ClickHouse settings. In the previous version, every change in settings required a restart via re-creating a StatefulSet. In this version it does not re-create StatefulSet anymore, but maintains a logic that decide if ClickHouse needs to be restarted in order to pickup a change or not. In case of restart it is performed using scaling stateful set down and up. The restart logic is controlled by configurationRestartPolicy configuration setting. Here is the default configuration:
      - version: "*"
          - settings/*: "yes"
          - settings/dictionaries_config: "no"
          - settings/logger: "no"
          - settings/macros/*: "no"
          - settings/max_server_memory_*: "no"
          - settings/max_*_to_drop: "no"
          - settings/max_concurrent_queries: "no"
          - settings/models_config: "no"
          - settings/user_defined_executable_functions_config: "no"

          - zookeeper/*: "yes"

          - files/config.d/*.xml: "yes"
          - files/config.d/*dict*.xml: "no"

          - profiles/default/background_*_pool_size: "yes"
          - profiles/default/max_*_for_server: "yes"
      - version: "21.*"
          - settings/logger: "yes"


  • Fixed a bug that might result in PDB being deleted
  • Fixed propagation of podTemplate environment variables from ClickHouseInstallationTemplate to ClickHouseInstallation
  • Fixed propagation of startup probe from ClickHouseInstallationTemplate to ClickHouseInstallation

Non-operator changes

  • Changed Grafana deployment to allow persisting custom dashboards
  • Changed ZooKeeper version to 3.8.1

New Contributors

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