Altinity Kubernetes Operator 0.20.2 Release Notes

clickhouse-operator 0.20.2 Release Notes

What’s Changed

  • Added ‘hostsCompleted’ to the CHI status and events
  • Changed some ‘default’ profile settings:
    • Enabled ‘do_not_merge_across_partitions_select_final’
    • Set ’load_balancing’ to ’nearest_hostname’
    • Set niceness (‘os_thread_priority’) to 2.
  • Improved stability of metric-exporter when some ClickHouse nodes are responding slowly
  • Changed sequence of LB service creation to avoid a situation when service exists with no available endpoints
  • Added ‘secure’ flag at cluster level for enabling distributed queries over TLS
  • Addressed CVEs in dependent packages

Note: datatype for ‘secure’ flag has been changed from boolean to String (accepting, ’true’, ‘yes’, ‘1’ etc.)

Full Changelog:

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