Altinity Kubernetes Operator 0.18.0 Release Notes

clickhouse-operator 0.18.0 Release Notes

New features

  • arm64 packages are published (closes #852)
  • ‘access_management’ can be specified when defining users in CHI.
  • k8s secrets can be referenced when defining user passwords. See 05-settings-01-overview.yaml.


  • When CRD is deleted, operator keeps all dependent objects now (statefulsets, volumes). That prevents from incidental delete of a cluster.
  • When operator restarts it does not run a reconcile cycle anymore if CHI has not been changed. That prevents unneeded pod restarts. (Closes #855)
  • Operator configuration file format has been changed. See Configuration in old format is supported for backwards compatibility.


  • Fixed a bug ‘unable to decode watch event: no kind “ClickHouseOperatorConfiguration” is registered’ that could appear in some k8s configurations.
  • Removed INFORMATION_SCHEMA from schema propagation. (closes #854)
  • Added a containerPort to metrics-exporter (#834)

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