Altinity Grafana Plugin for ClickHouse 2.5.0


  • Add support for Logs visualization, fix #331, thanks @Fiery-Fenix and @pixelsquared
  • Add $conditionalTest to editor auto-complete
  • Add support $__searchFilter to template variable queries, fix #354
  • Add allow sub-seconds time resolution with $timeSeriesMs and $timeFilterMs support, fix #344, fix #398
  • Expand template variable values when open context menu Explore, fix #346


  • Remove legacy binaries in dist folder, fix #419
  • Allow Nullable types in alert label name in backend part, fix #405
  • Remove INFORMATION_SCHEMA from adhoc control, fix #426
  • Legacy binaries in dist folder after 2.4.4 release plugin name changed, fix #419
  • Resolve corner case for SELECT x IN (SELECT …), fix #421
  • Tested textbox variables with ${variable:sqlstring} format, fix #125

Download at:

Last modified 2023.05.31: Release notes section changes