Altinity.Cloud 23.1.22 Release Notes


  • Clone database feature that allows to clone database w/o data copy on same host
  • Force restart of an individual node
  • Show pod events in a node view
  • Current quota usage is now displayed on an environment screen
  • User role can be specified when inviting user to an environment
  • Progress bar when applying changes to a cluster
  • Operator managed persistence is now default for new environments, and can be turned on for existing ones. It allows to re-scale volumes w/o downtime
  • Re-publish ZK clusters


  • Backup configuration is currently always deployed, even if schedule is disabled
  • ClickHouse version recommendations were improved
  • IAM-managed access to backup bucket is now allowed
  • Data rebalance UI has been improved
  • Cluster are now sorted alphabetically
  • Asynchronous metrics log frequency is reduced for new clusters
  • Changed some ‘default’ profile settings (part of operator release):
    • Enabled ‘do_not_merge_across_partitions_select_final’
    • Set ’load_balancing’ to ’nearest_hostname’
    • Set niceness (‘os_thread_priority’) to 2.


  • Fixed data consistency checks for 3 replica clusters
  • Improved loading speed for Accounts screen
  • Copy Data wizard can now work with non-Altinity.Cloud ClickHouse
  • Fixed Auth0 integration with Okta

Fixed in 23.1.23 2022-03-10

  • Fixed a bug with version upgrades for ClickHouse 23.1 and above that might result in cluster not going online after restart
  • Fixed a bug with “Workload->Replication” screen did not display any results
  • Fixed a bug with “Copy Data Between Clusters” tool that did not work correctly in a replicated cluster with non-partitioned tables in some cases
  • Display an error message if “Schema Consistency -> Create table on all nodes” fails with an error
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity