Altinity.Cloud 22.9.21 Release Notes


  • Added a feature to convert from non-replicated to replicated MergeTree (available for Altinity staff only)
  • Data Migration Tool to copy data between clusters (available for Altinity staff only)
  • New ‘Launch from Backup’ wizard that allows to pick any backup source, including outside of Altinity.Cloud
  • Replication status in Workload Alert cluster owners when Altinity access level is changed
  • Backlink button to the Environment page
  • Proxy connection mode for Anywhere clusters


  • Workload tab was refactored to show 3 panels: Queries, Replication and Processes
  • Workload is sorted in descending order by default
  • Table creation hints were updated in Explorer
  • Improved loading test datasets feature
  • User is automatically redirected to the last visited page on re-login


  • Fixed restoring a backup in sharded and replicated cluster with tables replicated to every shard
  • Fixed sorting order in dashboard
  • Last insert timestamp now displays timestamp for Kafka inserts correctly now
  • Fixed SELECT ALL IGNORED for detached parts
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity