Altinity.Cloud 22.7.13 Release Notes


  • User role is now displayed on Account page
  • A warning is displayed on ClickHouse version upgrade is available
  • Sorting has been added to the Schema tab
  • A tool to convert a table from MergeTree to ReplicatedMergeTree (available for superadmins only)
  • VPC Endpoint status is displayed on Connections popup
  • Custom tolerations can be specified for node types


  • User is automatically authenticated as ClickHouse admin when starting a new cluster
  • Schedule icon opens a Schedule popup now
  • When rescaling a volume, minimum rescale ratio is 20% of the volume size
  • Org admin can access Environment details now (previously it was only possible with Env admin)


  • ClickHouse use authentication fixes
  • List of backups was sometimes not properly sorted
  • Fixed a possible race condition in backup and restore of replicated clusters
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity