Altinity.Cloud 22.2.15 Release Notes


  • Notifications for cluster related events can be configured
  • Datadog integration
  • Option to force Auth0 authentication for organization
  • Dark UI theme
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Enter in Explorer can be used to run a query


  • ZooKeeper is now stopped when cluster is stopped
  • Warning has been removed from volume rescale popup
  • Monitoring links have been moved to the top in order to make it easier to find
  • Max part size has been reduced to 50GB
  • Column compression tab is more compact now
  • When backup operation is in progress all operations that may incidentally restart the cluster are blocked now


  • Fixed a bug with list of databases sometimes could not be parsed in user dialog
  • Fixed a bug with replica cluster creation
  • Fixed latest backup timestamp display for stopped clusters
  • Fixed a bug with table restore from a backup that could download full cluster backup instead of a single table
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity