Altinity.Cloud 22.12.27 Release Notes


  • User is notified with a warning sign when backups are not configured
  • User is notified with a popup message when data migration is completed or failed
  • ‘Delete table’ action is added to Data Consistency tab
  • List of databases granted to ClickHouse user are displayed
  • Quick filter was added in order to see unhealthy nodes on a Dashboard page
  • Cluster tags for GCP environments in order to split costs by clusters


  • ‘Environment Settings’ was renamed to ‘Environment Variables’ on the cluster page
  • DBA tools UI was made more intuitive
  • Improved new Anywhere environment setup process
  • Improved ‘Data Rebalance’ function that could sometimes move too much data
  • Backup configuration is moved to a separate resource instead of being bundled with ClickHouse configuration. This change requires restart.
  • Backup stability improvements, upgrade clickhouse-backup to 2.1.3 version
  • Upgraded clickhouse-operator to 0.20.1
  • n2d-standard-64 is now available by default for GCP clusters


  • Fixed a bug when node status was not updated for a few minutes after ClickHouse cluster is up an running
  • Fixed a bug with backup being restored from AWS to GCP environments or vice versa could fail due to mismatching node types
  • Fixed a bug when Rescale ignored auto publishing being turned off
  • Fixed a bug when ‘Run DDL ON CLUSTER’ did switch off automatically when specific node is selected
  • Fixed a bug with rescaling GCP clusters in old tenants
  • Fixed a bug when profile settings could not be changed on a cluster that can not start
  • Fixed Data Migration tool that did not work in Anywhere environments due to hard-coded tolerations
  • Fixed a bug with backup compression format was not respected for GCP clusters
  • Fixed a bug with memory and volume graphs displaying incorrect data
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity