Altinity.Cloud 22.11.30 Release Notes


  • Used/available quota is now displayed when starting a cluster
  • New System Metrics Grafana dashboard
  • Reset Anywhere action in order to disconnect from the Anywhere environment
  • Rebalance data across storage volumes
  • Tracking customer credits when invoicing


  • In the list of accounts, environments for a particular account are now displayed
  • Anywhere connection wizard has been improved
  • Sensitive environment settings are back to readonly for non-Anywhere clusters
  • Multiple improvements to backup functionality
  • Multiple improvements to Copy Data between Clusters feature
  • Log storage has been migrated to Grafana Loki


  • Fixed latest backup timestamp that has not been updated sometimes
  • StatusCheck now works for Anywhere environments
  • Billing estimates are now correct for Anywhere clusters
  • MaterializedView tables are now correctly restored when using Consistency check tool
  • Fixed a UI bug with ClickHouse version was not displayed when one of cluster nodes was down
  • Fixed Kafka Connection tool generated XML that was sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed Environment Variable settings page that did not allow to specify non-secret settings
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to restore GCP backup to AWS or vice versa to an automatically created cluster due to incorrect node specifications
  • Billing reports are now displayed correctly for Anywhere clusters
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity