Altinity.Cloud 22.10.24 Release Notes


  • New ‘Errors’ tab under DBA tools
  • New ‘Cluster Consistency’ tab under DBA tools
  • Allow to restrict access to cluster management for Altinity stuff
  • Setup and initial configuration of Anywhere environments
  • Dashboard is enabled for env and org admins
  • Copy Data feature is enabled for env and org admins
  • Logging into Loki for Anywhere tenants
  • Option to turn on ClickHouse SQL access management for users
  • Pod status in the Node view
  • Environment variables from a k8s secret


  • Processes tab have been improved
  • Multi-statements now can be executed in Explorer
  • When ClickHouse cluster is upgraded to the new version, the UI now allows to easily pick Altinity.Stable and Community versions
  • ClickHouse version upgrade recommendations have been improved
  • When user returns with a direct cluster link, cluster Environment is automatically selected as a current one


  • Fixed sort order in a list of nodes dropdown in Explorer
  • Fixed backup restore scenarios between different environments and clusters
  • Fixed a bug with detached parts could not be deleted for ‘.inner.’ tables
  • Fixed Kafka connection tool in GCP environments
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity