Altinity.Cloud 22.1.28 Release Notes


  • Restore cluster from an External backup (available for superadmins only)
  • Restore single table from a backup
  • New Grafana dashboard for logs


  • UI facelifting on Cluster and Nodes dashboards
  • System tables are now hidden by default on Schema dashboard
  • Stronger security for Grafana monitoring dashboard
  • Better performance of Billing dashboard
  • Use ‘pd-ssd’ fast storage for ZooKeeper nodes in GCP
  • Cluster dashboard now shows a warning if backup utility is outdated
  • Backup line item is now correctly displayed for GCP clusters
  • Support plan is now displayed on a billing page
  • Error Log section is removed from ClickHouse logs page


  • Fixed ON CLUSTER switch behavior
  • Removed deprecated ClickHouse settings from default profile
  • Removed deprecated node annotations
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity