Altinity.Cloud 21.6.9 Release Notes


  • New Environment Settings section into cluster configuration
  • default_replica_path and default_replica_name settings are now pre-populated that to simplifies creation of ReplicatedMergeTree tables (requires ClickHouse 21.1+)
  • Node selector is now available at the Explorer page. It allows to run queries against an individual node.


  • Improved usability of cluster settings
  • Fixed a bug with “.inner.” tables did not properly work in Explorer
  • Fixed a bug with orgadmin did not have permissions to modify cluster settings
  • Fixed a bug with orgadmin could see user plain password in user audit log when password is changed
  • Upgraded to clickhouse-operator to 0.14.1. That fixes a possible failure of schema creation when adding a new replica to the cluster.
  • Upgraded ClickHouse Backup to 1.0.9. That fixes restore of materialized views and distributed tables.
  • Backup and security improvements
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity