Altinity.Cloud 21.11.24 Release Notes


  • Usage details are available in Billing
  • Download links to issued invoices are available in Billing
  • Backup cost is extracted as a separate line item. Previously it was a part of a storage cost.
  • VPC Endpoint status is displayed when enabled
  • Datadog integration is supported for ClickHouse logs. Contact us with your datadog agent id.
  • GCP support
  • Enabled support for Altinity Builds of ClickHouse


  • Networks are removed from ClickHouse users creation. It is now controlled in Connectivity on a cluster level
  • ZooKeeper cluster size can not be selected anymore. It is adjusted automatically.
  • Available API endpoints are now filtered according to the user role. Previously, user could see all API even if those could not be used.


  • Fixed a bug with node endpoints being unavailable under VPC endpoint
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity