Altinity.Cloud 21.10.28 Release Notes


  • Allow users to configure alerts for the cluster. Note: cluster may be restarted when email is used for a first time
  • IP/CIDR whitelisting to protect access point access
  • Compression ratio column on a Schema tab
  • Email notifications (system)
  • Notifications to a specific recipient (system)
  • ‘Prepare All Invoices’ super-button that sends invoices to all paid customers (system)
  • CC and BCC addresses for invoices


  • Users and ClickHouse users passwords are now required to be 12 characters at least
  • Session timeout is increased to 60 minutes
  • Troubleshooting mode now allows Altinity Engineers to enter the failed node
  • ‘View Logs’ are renamed to ‘Logs’
  • Backup utility is updated to [altinity/ClickHouse Backup:1.0.16]( Backup/releases/tag/1.0.16). That improves speed of backups among other fixes.
Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity