Altinity.Cloud Release Notes

Altinity.Cloud Release Notes

Here are the most recent release notes, organized by major release and release date:

  • 2023-08-15 Altinity.Cloud 23.5.15 Release Notes
  • 2023-07-27 Altinity.Cloud 23.4.38 Release Notes
  • 2023-05-26 Altinity.Cloud 23.3.26 Release Notes
  • 2023-04-11 Altinity.Cloud 23.2.33 Release Notes

      Altinity.Cloud 23.5.15 Release Notes

      Released: 2023-08-15


      • Environment audit logs, available for env and org admins
      • Org admins can now configure login settings
      • Allow to login with password for org admins even if passwords access is disabled for organization
      • Cluster role


      • Distributed queries are now handled using ‘secret’ to authenticate between nodes
      • Changed description of available login options to make it more clear


      • Fixed an inconsistent display of storage usage across nodes that happens sometimes
      • Fixed storage throughput calculation that was sometimes incorrect


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      Altinity.Cloud 23.4.38 Release Notes

      Released: 2023-07-27


      • Access change reason to Altinity Access
      • Startup time option for slow starting clusters
      • Storage management for supporting multiple volumes in a more flexible way
      • Management of auto templates for Anywhere environments
      • History of cluster setting is now preserved, and it allows to rollback
      • Stop button when rebalancing disks


      • Added DataDog and Loki logs configuration on the separate Environment tag
      • ‘default_replica_path’ now includes uuid
      • Upgrade version recommendations have been improved
      • Access Management is enabled for ‘admin’ user by default in new clusters
      • Cost estimates for are more accurate now
      • Workload->Mutations has been improved
      • clickhouse-backup has been upgraded to 2.2.8
      • It is now possible to change ZooKeeper node type for running clusters
      • Improvements to Node Type configuration
      • Allow IAM role access to the backup bucket instead of credentials


      • Fixed node storage % incorrect display in some cases
      • Fixed hint for Clone Database
      • Fixed DataDog deployment in Anywhere environment
      • Fixed Anywhere environment setup when EKS cluster is provisioned by Altinity


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      Altinity.Cloud 23.3.26 Release Notes

      Released: 2023-05-26


      • Allow to modify gp3 volume throughput when re-scaling the cluster
      • New ‘Mutations’ tab in Workflow
      • New ‘Crashes’ tab in DBA tools
      • Introduce cluster owner, allow to change owner
      • Set labels on S3/GCS backups
      • Configure logs location in environment settings for Anywhere environments
      • Delete of Anywhere environments
      • Added a support for custom image registries for Anywhere environments
      • Allow to test backup bucket access
      • Allow to pick up availability zones when starting a cluster


      • Changed default Altinity Access level to ‘System’
      • ALERTS popup has been improved
      • Improved ClickHouse version upgrade recommendations that were incorrect sometimes
      • system.session_log is enabled by default (it has been disabled in 22.8+ ClickHouse releases)
      • ZooKeeper configuration management has been changed. That allows re-scale w/o a downtime and also better HA
      • Allow to use IAM access for backup buckets
      • ZooKeeper node configuration is now re-created using Publish
      • Upgraded clickhouse-backup to 2.2.5. That fixes the concurrency issue and also allows to resume interrupted backup automatically.
      • Upgraded clickhouse-operator to 0.21.0. That eliminates some unneeded restarts, e.g. when changing log level.


      • Fixed a bug with ‘Copy Data between Clusters’ that could not copy some types of MergeTree tables
      • Fixed a bug where pressing MANAGE CLUSTERS in Environments List page did not navigate to cluster page properly
      • Fixed ‘Last Insert Timestamp’ that has been empty in some cases
      • Automatically enabled monitoring and backups for new Anywhere environments


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      Altinity.Cloud 23.2.33 Release Notes

      Released: 2023-04-11


      • The Backup configuration is now available on a cluster level
        • Different clusters can now have different backup settings
      • New volume performance guidelines when starting a cluster
      • Users are now alerted that profile setting is used instead of a server setting
      • New resource limit for total number of nodes
      • Can now exclude an individual node from a load balancer
      • Users can now add custom Grafana dashboards
      • Support for using alternate cluster names
      • Changes for Altinity staff only:
        • Added New Altinity Support role
        • Discounts management


      • The SHARE button has been renamed to INVITE
      • The Rescale screen now shows storage units
      • “Kafka Connection Check” has been moved to the Cluster page
      • Notifications now include FQDN for cluster names
      • Environment dashboard improvements
      • Changes to environment backup settings are now automatically applied to clusters
      • Additional DataDog regions now available


      • Fixed “Copy Data between Clusters” for Anywhere environments with custom node taints
      • Fixed a bug in Node View where they were not available for offline nodes
      • Rebalance is back and available for envadmins


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