1 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.5.0 Release Notes


  • Try to improve implementation check_replicas_before_attach configuration to avoid concurrent ATTACH PART execution during restore command on multi-shard cluster, fix 474

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.5.0

2 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.8 Release Notes


  • Add check_replicas_before_attach configuration to avoid concurrent ATTACH PART execution during restore command on multi-shard cluster, fix 474 allow backup list when clickhouse server offline, fix 476


  • Resolve {uuid} macros during restore for ReplicatedMergeTree table and ClickHouse server 22.5+, fix 466

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.8

3 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.9 Release Notes


Fix download behavior for parts which contains special characters in name, fix 462

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.9

4 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.7 Release Notes


  • PROPERLY restore to default disk if disks not found on destination clickhouse server, fix 457

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.7

5 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.6 Release Notes


  • Fix infinite loop error can’t acquire semaphore during Download: context canceled, and error can’t acquire semaphore during Upload: context canceled all 1.4.x users recommends upgrade to 1.4.6

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.6

6 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.5 Release Notes


  • Add CLICKHOUSE_FREEZE_BY_PART_WHERE option which allow freeze by part with WHERE condition, thanks @vahid-sohrabloo

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.5

7 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.3 Release Notes


  • Add API_INTEGRATION_TABLES_HOST option to allow use DNS name in integration tables system.backup_list, system.backup_actions


  • Fix upload_by_part: false max file size calculation, fix 454

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.3

8 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.4 Release Notes


  • Download and restore to default disk if disks not found on destination clickhouse server, fix 457

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.4

9 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.2 Release Notes


  • Fix --partitions parameter parsing, fix 425

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.2

10 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.1 Release Notes


  • Fix upload data go routines waiting, expect the same upload speed as 1.3.2.

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.1

11 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.4.0 Release Notes


  • Add S3_ALLOW_MULTIPART_DOWNLOAD to config, to improve download speed, fix 431.
  • Add support backup/restore user defined functions, fix 420.
  • Add clickhouse_backup_number_backups_remote, clickhouse_backup_number_backups_local, clickhouse_backup_number_backups_remote_expected,clickhouse_backup_number_backups_local_expected prometheus metric, fix 437.
  • Add ability to apply system.macros values to path field in all types of remote_storage, fix 438.
  • Use all disks for upload and download for mutli-disk volumes in parallel when upload_by_part: true fix 400.


  • fix wrong warning for .gz, .bz2, .br archive extensions during download, fix 441.

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.4.0

12 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.3.2 Release Notes


  • Add TLS certificates and TLS CA support for clickhouse connections, fix 410.
  • Switch to go 1.18.
  • Add clickhouse version 22.3 to integration tests.
  • Add S3_MAX_PARTS_COUNT and AZBLOB_MAX_PARTS_COUNT for properly calculate buffer sizes during upload and download.
  • Add multithreading GZIP implementation.


  • fix 406, properly handle path for S3, GCS for case when it begins from “/”. fix 409, avoid delete partially uploaded backups via backups_keep_remote option. fix 422, avoid cache broken (partially uploaded) remote backup metadata. fix 404, properly calculate S3_PART_SIZE to avoid freeze after 10000 multi parts uploading, properly handle error when upload and download go-routine failed to avoid pipe stuck.

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/v1.3.2

13 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.3.1 Release Notes


  • Fix 387, improve documentation related to memory and CPU usage


  • fix 392, correct download for recursive sequence of diff backups when DOWNLOAD_BY_PART true
  • fix 390, respect skip_tables patterns during restore and skip all INFORMATION_SCHEMA related tables even skip_tables don’t contain INFORMATION_SCHEMA pattern
  • fix 388, improve restore ON CLUSTER for VIEW with TO clause
  • fix 385, properly handle multiple incremental backup sequences + BACKUPS_TO_KEEP_REMOTE

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/1.3.1

14 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.2.3 Release Notes


  • Fix 390, respect skip_tables patterns during restore and skip all INFORMATION_SCHEMA related tables even skip_tables don’t contain INFORMATION_SCHEMA pattern

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/1.2.3

15 - Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.3.0 Release Notes


  • Add API_ALLOW_PARALLEL to support multiple parallel execution calls for, WARNING, control command names don’t try to execute multiple same commands and be careful, it could allocate much memory during upload / download, fix #332
  • Add support for –partitions on create, upload, download, restore CLI commands and API endpoint fix #378 properly implementation of #356
  • Add implementation –diff-from-remote for upload command and properly handle required on download command, fix #289
  • Add print-config cli command fix #366
  • Add UPLOAD_BY_PART (default: true) option for improve upload/download concurrency fix #324
  • Add ARM support for Docker images and pre-compiled binary files, fix #312
  • KeepRemoteBackups should respect differential backups, fix #111
  • Add SFTP_DEBUG option, fix #335
  • Add ability to restore schema ON CLUSTER, fix #145
  • Add support encrypted disk (include s3 encrypted disks), fix #260
  • API Server optimization for speed of last_backup_size_remote metric calculation to make it async during REST API startup and after download/upload, fix #309
  • Improve list remote speed via local metadata cache in $TEMP/.Altinity Backup for ClickHouse.$REMOTE_STORAGE, fix #318
  • Add support for PROJECTION, fix #320
  • Return clean cli command and API POST /backup/clean endpoint, fix #379

Bug Fixes

  • fix #300, allow GCP properly work with empty GCP_PATH value
  • fix #340, properly handle errors on S3 during Walk() and delete old backup
  • fix #331, properly restore tables where have table name with the same name as database name
  • fix #311, properly run Altinity Backup for ClickHouse inside docker container via entrypoint
  • fix #317, properly upload large files to Azure Blob Storage
  • fix #220, properly handle total_bytes for uint64 type
  • fix #304, properly handle archive extension during download instead of use config settings
  • fix #375, properly REMOTE_STORAGE=none error handle
  • fix #379, will try to clean shadow if create fail during moveShadow
  • more precise calculation backup size during upload, for backups created with –partitions, fix bug after #356
  • fix restore –rm behavior for 20.12+ for tables which have dependent objects (like dictionary)
  • fix concurrency by FTP creation directories during upload, reduce connection pool usage properly handle –schema parameter for show local backup size after download
  • fix restore bug for WINDOW VIEW, thanks @zvonand


  • Try to add experimental support for backup MaterializedMySQL and MaterializedPostgeSQL tables, restore MySQL tables not impossible now without replace table_name.json to Engine=MergeTree, PostgreSQL not supported now, see ClickHouse/ClickHouse#32902

Download at: https://github.com/Altinity/clickhouse-backup/releases/tag/1.3.0