Altinity Backup for ClickHouse 1.3.2 Release Notes


  • Add TLS certificates and TLS CA support for clickhouse connections, fix 410.
  • Switch to go 1.18.
  • Add clickhouse version 22.3 to integration tests.
  • Add S3_MAX_PARTS_COUNT and AZBLOB_MAX_PARTS_COUNT for properly calculate buffer sizes during upload and download.
  • Add multithreading GZIP implementation.


  • fix 406, properly handle path for S3, GCS for case when it begins from “/”. fix 409, avoid delete partially uploaded backups via backups_keep_remote option. fix 422, avoid cache broken (partially uploaded) remote backup metadata. fix 404, properly calculate S3_PART_SIZE to avoid freeze after 10000 multi parts uploading, properly handle error when upload and download go-routine failed to avoid pipe stuck.

Download at:

Last modified 2023.07.31: Updated "Release Notes" headings for consistency and clarity